Milo Talon Review

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The story starts with a cowhand named Milo Talon meeting with a rich man named Jefferson Henry. Jefferson Henry hires Milo Talon to find a girl that had been “missing” for years. He meets a girl named Molly Fletcher in a restaurant, who seems to be a lot more involved in the fishy situation than she lets on. Milo Talon befriends Molly Fletcher, and acquires a job at the restaurant for her, where she will make some money for herself and be safe. As Milo Talon delves further into his search, he realizes that the situation is much more dangerous and complicated. He also realizes that he is not the only one searching for this girl, and that the others mean to do her harm. The dangerous people (as well as Jefferson Henry) are motivated in their search of the girl because the missing girl is believed to inherit a fortune of millions from her dead stepfather Nathan Albro. Milo Talon has many tangles with these dangerous people and is almost killed. However, he had made friends in the town (Pablo, Felipe, German) and they come to his aid. As the action progresses, he becomes aware that the pretty girl Molly Fletcher is much more involved than he suspected. In fact, Molly Fletcher is being hunted by others as well, and she is even kidnapped once by them. Milo rescues her from the kidnappers. Finally, Milo Talon discovers that missing girl is someone he had known of for a while, but went by a different name. The “missing” girl, Anne (or Nancy) had been the one to orchestrate Molly Fletcher’s kidnapping. As Milo Talon informs Jefferson Henry that the girl has been found and collects his gold, he comes to the correct conclusion that Molly, not Nancy, had been the one to inherit millions from Nathan Albro. Since his job is done and Molly is relatively safe, he decides it is time to leave the small town. The story ends with Milo Talon riding off into the countryside, where he will later meet and marry Molly Fletcher.

Milo Talon
Milo Talon is a cowhand, who is known as a drifter and is very familiar with the Outlaw Trail. He is very, very intelligent and clever. Milo Talon is described as athletic and apparently, a very good fighter/gunman. His quick thinking, strength, and determination led to a relatively happy ending in the story. He is also portrayed as a man of honor. He takes the job offered by Jefferson Henry, not knowing how dangerous it is. Once he realizes that his life is at stake, he debates quitting, but decides not to because quitting feels wrong to him. This shows just how bold and courageous Milo Talon is. Molly Fletcher

Molly Fletcher is a pretty young girl that meets Milo Talon when she asks for money to pay for her meal in a restaurant that they both happen to be in. Milo Talon obliges, and they become friends. Molly Fletcher takes up a job at German Schafer’s restaurant, to make a little money and be safe. As it turns out, Molly is actually the heir to millions that Nathan Albro left her in his will, before he died. However, everyone thinks the heir is Nancy (Anne) so instead of looking for Molly, they are looking for Nancy. Molly knows her life could be in danger, so she keeps the information a secret, although she reveals it to Milo Talon later on. Towards the end of the story, Milo Talon proposes to her and she later becomes Molly Talon. Jefferson Henry

Jefferson Henry was described as a man accustomed to command. He is sixty years old, or more, but appears to be younger. He is very neatly dressed, and his manners are also just as neat. He is a short-tempered man, and does not like to be thwarted in even the smallest thing. Jefferson Henry, right from the very start, earns the distrust of Milo Talon. Without telling Milo Talon, he employs a man named John Topp to keep an eye on Milo Talon and keep close tabs on whatever discoveries that Talon makes. In the end, just and Milo Talon suspected, Jefferson Henry is revealed to have had shady motives for wanting to find Nancy. Henry, as...
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