Milk Powder in China

Topics: Advertising, Milk, Marketing Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: December 8, 2008
Firstly, the customers of Milk powder market in China can be devided in to three parts.Which are high income, working-class,and low income. In China now, most of young parents pay most of their attention to children’s health. They often look foreign goods like food and clothes for children. but not everyone has ablity As mentioned above, our milk powder will be easily accepted by the young parents who are highly educated, and have high income due to its high quanlity and the suitble for asian babies in demographics. In psychographics, as we know, resently, most of Chinese milk powder has been checked out Melamine that can lead to kidney stones. Young parents have lost confidence in the manufacturing of milk powder. More and more people try to purchase foreign milk powder for baby no matter how expensive it is. But most of them buy it from internet by someone who can buy the powder derectly in the country of origin, it will pay lots attention and more money. This is a reminder that we can use this mind to develop our Chinese market. In the past , most Chinese parents buy milk powder which was advertised well, they thought the products that film star recommended would be high quantity. Facts had proved that it would not work. People have lost their confidence on advertisment. It is a problem for us how to promote our milk powder. If we over- used advertisement, it may cause resentment from parents. Some other people will buy milk powder which is recommended by friends or experts from China and other countries. According to the above analysis. We can use concentrated global marketing srtategy. As have related we must use single marketing mix to suit the customer Our milk powder is expensive, not everyone has ability r to bear the expense. So our customer groups is who have high income and highly educated and think baby’s health is the most important thing they have concerned. This part will have little family of hostility, at least they will firstly consider the...
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