Milk and Fresh Fruit Juice

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Rochelle Wright
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EYMP 3-5.1, 5.3
MON| Toast with jamFresh fruit juice| Dried fruit / raisins etc| Halal tuna sandwichesFresh fruit juice| Grapes | Pasta with quorn meatballs & tomato sauce. Sparkling water| TUE| Porridge with waterSparkling water| Pineapple sticks| Cheese sandwichesFresh fruit juice| Carrot sticks| Vegetable kievs with wedges. Fresh fruit juice| WED| Toast with non dairy spread. Fresh fruit juice| Grapes| Omelette with cheese and tomatoWater with ice| Sugar snap peas| Jacket potatoes with cheese and beans. Fresh fruit juice| THU| Crumpets. Fresh fruit juice| Bananas | Vegetable soup with bread rollsFresh fruit juice| Cherry tomatoes| Quorn sausages, chips and beans. Sparkling water| FRI| Fresh fruit salad. Sparkling water| Cucumber sticks| Vegetable quicheFresh fruit smoothie| Toast with jam| Cheese and tomato pizza with wedges. Fresh fruit juice|

EYMP 3-4.3
Breast milk can be produced fresh or can be frozen for use at a later date. Breast milk can be left for up to five days in a fridge with a tempeture of 4 degrees Celsius or lower, it can be left up to two weeks in the freezer compartment of a fridge. If the breast milk is frozen it can be left up to six months in a freezer with a tempeture of at least minus 18 degrees Celsius. It is recommended by the department of health that formula milk should be made fresh rather than made up in advance, for more convience liquid formula can be bought. If liquid formula isn’t available then a flask with boiling water can be made so formula can be made when needed. EYMP3-5.2

It is important to follow carer’s instructions regarding dietary requirements as some children will have severe reactions to some food. Diabetic children will have specific dietary requirements that need to be followed carefully because if not could lead to the child having low or high blood sugars. Children that have food intolerances may get diarrhoea if they are given foods that they are intolerant to. Children with known allergies should be supervised whilst eating. The signs of an allergic reaction are; swelling of the lips and eyes, redness of the face or other parts of the body. They could also start to itch or have difficulty breathing. Children with a severe may be prescribed an epi pen and training should be given before administrating. EYMP3-5.3

Hindu| Mainly vegetarianSome lambPork rarelyNo beefSome chickenSome cheeseNo milk or yoghurt with rennetSome eggs and shellfishNo fast periods| Muslim| Halal lamb, beef and chickenNo porkSome cheeseNo milk/yoghurtHalal fish/shellfishFast during ramadan| Christian| Some lambNo porkSome beef and chickenMost cheese/milk/yoghurt/eggsSome fishNo shellfishNo cocoa/tea/coffeeNo fast periods| Jewish| No PorkKosher Beef/chicken/lambNo cheese or milk with meatNo blood spots in eggsNo ShellfishFish with fins and scalesFast periods on Yom Kippur for adults| Sikh| No beefPork rarelySome lambSome chicken and cheeseSome fish and shellfishMilk/yoghurtNo fast periods| Buddhist| Mainly vegetarianEating fish and meat is allowed in Buddhism, though vegetarianism is encouraged. Buddha advised the monks to avoid eating ten kinds of meat for their self-respect and protection: humans, elephants, horses, dogs, snakes, lions, tigers, boars and hyenas. Some animals attack people when they smell the flesh of their own kind.Tibetans will not ever eat fish, and usually stay away from foul. The reason is that different kinds of meat supposedly give different kinds of obscurations. Fish, the obscuration of aggression; foul the obscuration of desire; and red meat the obscruration of ignorance. Evidently, they would take the ignorance over the others. Also, it was generally better to eat red meat because the animal killed was very large and only one life had to be taken to feed many people; with...
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