Military Life

Topics: United States Army, High school, United States Marine Corps Pages: 3 (1049 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Joining the military was not an easy process. Every day was a constant struggle. There were days when I honestly felt that I would not be experience a new life and adventures than what was concerned normal.

It all began towards the end of junior in high school. I was walking towards the end of the lunch line when a man dressed in a nicely pressed tan shirt and dark blue pants with very shinny shoes approached me with a smile and said “Hello, bud how is it going?” I stopped and looked at him with a concerned facial expression on my face and replied saying “I am fine sir?” With a smile and on his face is laughed and asked if he could have few minutes of my time. I replied “Sure you may” wondering what he was going to say. As I began to approach the table I began to notice a lot of flyers and paper expressing in bold letters how I could change my life and career if I made the decision to joining the service. At the moment I was not looking forward to joining the service so I was really interested. I stood their patiently waiting to hear what would I would be enlightened with when he asked me to take a seat. I sat down and began to give him my undivided attention. He started the conversation by saying “Hi! My name is SSG DelaRosa and I am in the Marine Corp.” I replied “Nice to meet you SSG DelaRosa. I am Daniel.” He extended his hand to give me a hand change and I extended mine in return. After our meet and greet he began to ask me if I had plans after high school and if I had the finance for college. After asking me a few questions he began to inform me on how the Marine Corps operates and the requirements need to join. As soon as he said requirements I thought “Oh No! This is not for me.” After a couple more minutes of explaining this to me he end it with “Seems like you have a lot on your mind but I will let you take some time to think about it” as he handed me a stack of flyers and a folder. I took them put them in my backpack give him a hand...
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