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Tailhook Scandal
LSCS Lewis Green07Senior Enlisted Academy
Tailhook Scandal
The careers of 33 admirals, and 400 naval aviators destroyed due to allegation of sexual assaults in what is the naval service biggest sexual assault scandal (Lewis, 2014). Senior Enlisted personnel must recognize the problems of sexual assault and strive to eliminate it to maintain discipline within the ranks. This essay will review the history, evolution, and effect of the tailhook scandal on the naval service. History

A tailhook in the naval aviation community refers to the hook underneath the tail of a carrier that catch the arresting cable that stretches across the flight deck to quickly stop a landing plane (Harris, 2014). In 1956, several active duty naval aviators formed the Tailhook Association, which later developed into a national organization home-based in San Diego, California. Formed to address the interests of carrier-based aviation, they held annual symposiums to provide aviators from the Pacific and Atlantic Fleets a free exchange of information on events taking place in South-East Asia. The Tailhook Association also published quarterly journals ‘The Hook,’ which covered historical and current events, offered college scholarships, and operated ‘ready rooms’ for supporters of fleet activities (Lawrence, 1992). With the history of Tailhook reviewed, the discussion now shifts to how it evolved into the biggest sexual assault scandal in naval history. Evolution

The 35th annual Tailhook symposium convened from September 8 - 12, 1991 in Las Vegas, Nevada to debrief naval aviators on Operation Desert Storm. Over 4,000 active, reserve, and retired military personnel attended, including the Secretary of the Navy, the Chief of Naval Operation, and over 30 flag officers. At the end of the four-day symposium, allegations of sexual assault and sexual harassment on eight three women and seven men were reported, creating public outrage (Healy 1992). The Assistance...

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