military customs and courtesies

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Military Customes and Courtesies
A custom is an established practice. Meaning its has been established over the years of the military. An example of a custome is positive action,things that you do and things that you avoid. Examples of things that you avoid include, not criticizing the Army or a leader in public, don't give excuses, don't go over the heads of your chain of command, don't run inside to avoid saluting the flag and walk away to avoid saluting an officer. Everyone has their own customs wether that be religious, sexual preference and race. To violate these customs would impose on the violator as ignorant, careless and ill bred.

Courtesy is a has a major role in building discipline in the Military abroad. Military courtesy means well mannered and politness whenever dealing with other people regardless of rank, race, sexual prefrence and religion. Military courtesies reflect self discipline and respect. Consistent and proper military courtesies reflect unit discipline. Some of the Army most common courtesies include the hand salute, standing at parade rest for an NCO, standing at attention for and officer, calling the room at ease for an NCO, calling the room to attention for an officer and addressing officer and non commisioned officers by their rank. Being courteous to others provides a foundation for good human relations. The diffrence between civilian and military courtesies is that the military courtesies have been developed in a military atmosphere and has become a part of serving in uniform. Courtesy is a two way street, Soldiers should be courteous to everyone of lower,higher and equal rank. Mutaul respect is an imprtant part of military courtesy. In the end, Military courtesies is the respect shown to one another by members of the same profession.

Military courtesies usaully have some counterpart in civilain life. An example, the Army trains soldiers to say sir or ma'am when talking to a higher ranking officer. Young men and...
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