Military Brat

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The Life of a Military Brat

Who really knows what life is like for the children of the military? No one would know, but a child who grew up around the military. These kids are known as military brats, I am not crazy about the name. Military brat sort of entitles military kids as little brats, but we’re not. I myself love being a military brat for many reasons.

For one thing I get to meet all kinds of people, from different countries. I learn about People who have different lifestyles and beliefs from me. Most of the people I meet speak a different language from me, but when you the same age. You tend to know what each other likes and dislike. I have really come to learn that no matter what country you are from, you can still like the same things. One of my good friends is from the Dominican republic and we both like the same movies and music.

Another thing I enjoy about being a military brat is the discounts and luxuries. The military get all kind of discounts, and luxuries. My family has never stayed in the hotel less than 4 stars. And when I take my dog to the vet instead of paying $90 for a check up we only pay $50. We also got a time from the military which I like because this allows us to go anywhere with out paying hotel bills.

The most exciting thing about being a military brat is that I get to travel. Traveling all over the world is fun , although I do have to learn friends and family members behind. I have been to Italy, Greece, Germany, Japan, and Spain, and Spain is the place I remember the most. I was in Spain for 7 years and I loved every minute of it, it was so peaceful there. Before moving to Spain we were originally suppose to go to Hawaii but I am glad we didn’t. Spain was probably the best move my family ever did cause we learned a lot.

These are the many reasons whey I like being a military brat. Friends, discounts, and Traveling is pretty much the life of a military brat. There is the bad stuff like leaving your...
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