Milgram Experiment

Topics: Conscription, Conscription in the United States, Military Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Kevin Browning
Hired Guns

What are the limits of the government, which the majority cannot override? Does the government have the right to conscript its citizens and send them off to war? This raises the question of consent. Do we own ourselves? Does conscription violate the right of self possession? Mr. Sandel goes into great detail about Locks Government by Consent. The question of conscription or a draft by the military, is this action morally or ethically correct? It is discussed as to the fact, is it ethical to pay a soldier to defend his own country? But we must realize that military service is considered a job. That putting on the uniform to defend your sovereign rights, is equivalent, to a husband leaving his family to go to an office job. It does not put a price on a life to be compensated for military service. However during the civil war, when conscription was implemented, the wealthy citizens that were drafted would pay another person to take their place in military service. This was a widely known practice. This put a price on human life; this violated the moral principle of Justice, Utility, Honesty, and Continuity of Life. By the wealthy bypassing military service due to their wealth, was truly coercion. This put a price on the value of a human life. Is conscription more coercive than volunteer military service? The draft does give a sense of patriotism, in times of war that are just. Conscription has a reverse affect, causing rebellion, at times, during military conflicts. In a volunteer military, few truly have a sense of patriotism. We have determined that patriotism will have better for motivation for military service. Mr. Sandel goes on to state, “Is patriotism a better guide for war?” It is not a proven fact, that a soldier who was drafted will fight any different, than a soldier who has volunteered for military service. Is a paid military a form of mercenary military? Does this work for both...
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