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Preliminary Q&A
These questions will help us understand what type of a database that you are looking for. We will also use these questions as input data, to enrich the customer experience.

1.       Is this a customer facing application?
It is, we want this application to be how our consumers know what wine is available, teach them about our wine, and even order there wine at our locations.

2.       What types of wine do you make?
We make our own, and we also import from other wineries. We do not specialize in one kind of wine but rather try to carry a varied selection. These include white vines like: Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Gris, and Sauvignon Blanc. Red wines like Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Shiraz. Since we are in the Northwest, though, we specialize in Pinot Noir, with our kinds varying.

3.     What different ways do you grow your grapes?
We focus on Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris grapes which are typically the way of growing our own varies depending on the weather which fluctuates a lot in the North West as you know. We do the typical things of putting our vines on a slope to drain the water, but also make sure to place them in an east to west slope for maximum sunshine.

4.      How do you track your wine?
Well we were hoping your database would help us with that. We have specific rooms for each wine, with temperatures set for the different kinds of wine. This provides the best wine for our customer, but we want a more efficient way of retrieving it.

5.      What do you want this database to do?
We want customers to be able to see what we have, understand what it is, place an order, and then make it simple for us to fetch it for them.

6.      Where are the grapes grown?
Our personal grapes are from vineyards in the Pacific Northwest, specifically the Yamhill Valley area. We cannot say the same for all of those we import because that varies, but they include France, Spain, Italy and from several different vineyards in each country.

7.      Do import your grapes?
Our own wine is locally grown, but the imported wine has grapes from many different places. Often times the grapes are from the same region of the wine producer, but not always.

8.       What is your process from start to finish when making wine? We have our land set, along with our grapes already growing. This process was previously described. Our picking process includes hand pickers for the best care of our grapes. Our grapes our not picked until they are at about the same sugar level as our own standard set for more uniformity in the wine.

9.       How do you want the wine classified? (Color, Type, Grapes, Taste, etc.) We want to put the customer's experience first. We want them to easily navigate the various categories and then narrow it down to more specific wines. Generally speaking this may go: color, type of wine, description of taste, and so forth.

10.    How do you want to setup the relation table? (Red Wine, Price, etc.) That is your job, I do not know what that is.

11.    Should there be a categorization for Estate wine?
Perhaps that would be necessary for our customers or maybe it would be useful to just make it a description as it will matter for very few of our customers.

12.    What kind of transactions is the database going to do? Essentially we just want our users to request from our inventory. Through this process they will also end up learning more about what they are purchasing. This will let our employees see what is in the inventory and update it as more arrives.

13.    What is your specific target group (younger people, older, experienced drinkers, beginning drinkers etc.?) Our customers vary. We see quite a bit of middle aged, fairly experience, but not experts in wine. We want this as our target group, but also an experience which our employees do not have trouble navigating. Our employees are also middle aged, but because of their job they are required to have expertise in wine....
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