Milburn High School Hazing- Argumentative

Topics: High school, College, Extracurricular activity Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: December 12, 2010
Millburn High School Hazing
For the last ten to fifteen years, the first day of school at Millburn High School has hosted an event that continues today. Every year, the “popular” seniors send out a “slut list”, slap stickers on student’s backs, blow whistles in faces, and shove students into lockers. The victims of these activities are usually the “popular” incoming freshmen. In 2010, the event gained media attention and the administration has done their best to discontinue this tradition. The administration at Millburn High School will not be able to stop the first day of school activities, and, therefore, should not be involved. The amount of students that participate and the fact that no one will speak up will make it extremely difficult for anyone to stop this tradition.

The most influential factor is that there are so many students that participate. This year there was “…the distribution of a ‘slut list,’ including vulgar descriptions of more than 20 freshmen.” (5) Consequently, for every freshmen involved there is at least one senior that is also involved. The number of people that participate makes it virtually impossible for any administrative action to stop the happenings at Millburn High School. The administration would have to discipline a huge clique each year in the senior class. In concerning the “slut list”, “When a kid says, ‘I just found it on the floor and picked it up,’ it becomes a little bit messier.” (2) The difficulty of targeting each individual who participates should only further discourage any administrative involvement.

Furthermore, the fact that no one is willing to speak up causes a serious problem. “We spoke to at least a dozen freshmen and half a dozen seniors, and not one person wanted to really give any names…none of the 150 faculty members reported seeing any hazing incidents this year…” (3) This is very hard to believe considering the amount of students participating and the trouble they supposedly cause. It is simply...
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