Mike Lupica: A Sports Writer

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Mike Lupica: A Sports Writer

It always comes down to the final seconds, just as it does in this thrilling game winning shot. The scoreboard only shows one second left in the game, it has been a hard fought game with both teams conversely matching each ones effort. The New Canaan Rebels are at the free-throw line with one shot left, the shot that will guarantee the win to put away the team that had blown them out in the beginning of the season. The shot was made with no time remaining, giving the New Canaan Rebels a victory. Victory for the Rebels was an unthinkable idea to everyone, except the parents, players and coaches that were a part of the underdog team that pulled off the unimaginable. Mike Lupica began writing sports themed stories when he was inspired by the story of the New Canaan Rebels, his son was a part of that team.

Lupica was inspired by the New Canaan Rebels basketball team because it was a team made up of his son and his friends that were cut from their 7th grade traveling basketball team. These kids were cut because the coach thought they were too short to play and make an impact. Lupica, being the noble guy he is, took the time and made the effort to create a team for the boys. His first inspirational book, Travel Team, was based on the experience he had as being a part of the New Canaan Rebels. Writing this story came to Lupica when he got the feeling that he was on to something with the story of his son’s basketball team. He then gave a call to his agent.

His agent asked him to send her a three page synopsis of the story, she sold the story the next day. The first printing of the novel was only twenty-thousand, which is what they had hoped to sell. Unexpectedly, Travel Team was such a success that it went on to sell half a million copies and was ranked #1 in the New York Times Young Adult List. He then went on to write dozens of other sports themed novels that went on to be runaway bestsellers....
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