Mike Duke Of Wal Mart Digs Into The Business

Topics: Wal-Mart, Marketing, Sales Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: April 16, 2015
Case: Mike Duke of Wal-Mart into the business

Q1. In the article, there are four strategies for next generation Wal-Mart. 1. Become a truly global company.
2. Understand the business that retailers will face and solve them 3. Play an even bigger leadership role on social issues that matter to our customers. 4. Keep our culture strong everwhere.

Q2. Duke’s concerns include merchandising and store displays. He learned Project Impact, and realized that this program will make sales suffered. Then he put into increase the number of product offerings to days before project impact. After Wal-Mart has decreased sales. Duke found the price of fresh groceries of Wal-Mart was high. Then he aimed to build productivity loop and deliver on Every Day Low Price model everywhere.

Q3. Merchandising involves careful planning. The CEO should be concerned about the item sells on the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities and at the right price. They should how many products on store shelves. If a company orders too much of an product, it may overstock. The product might be spoil, and it might waist a lot of money. If too little product is ordered, it might not satisfy to customers. They may get it elsewhere. So the CEO should have knowledgeable about statistics. And because the price of product is transparent now, the seller should be offering a competitive price. Sometimes can give special offers, like free samples, and also can do some promotions.

Q4. In the article, it is noticed that Wal-Mart customers were running money at the end of the month. Because most customers live paycheck to paycheck and shop a lot at the beginning of the month and decrease shopping at the end of the month. So I think Wal-Mart can be do some promotion sales at the end of month to promote consumption.
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