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1. Names listed above
2. Is cyanosis an insensitive measure of.....
    A. Pulmonary disease; yes, when pulmonary valve are absent they can cause cyanosis     B. Cardiac disease; Yes, low blood oxygen levels will cause cyanosis     C. COLD; yes, it can cause inadequate blood circulation leading to cyanosis     D. Anxiety; yes, it can cause stress which can lead to cyanosis

3. The severity in both cases depends on the amount of air pressure the patient is receiving. A patient with mild hypoxemia may suffer from restlessness, confusion, anxiety or headaches. On the other hand suffering from hypoxia have slightly different symptoms. These may include severe headaches, seizures and even death in extreme cases. As with hypoxemia, the degree of severity in the symptoms actually depends on the seriousness of the condition. Hypoxemia is usually caused by respiratory disorders. Hypoxia, on the other hand, may be caused by a variety of factors including cardiac arrest, carbon monoxide poisoning or severe headaches. It may also be induced by suffocation or at high altitudes.

4. A. Normal ventilation means the patient receives a normal pressure or volume of gas while inspiring and also while expiring. Perfusion: utilizes the supply by bringing in a continuous flow of oxygen.

Abnormalities: hypo ventilation is inadequate alveolar ventilation in relation to metabolic demands

Hyperventilation: is the alveolar ventilation exceeding metabolic demands. 

B. Acute respiratory failure:

A condition that occurs when fluid builds up the air sacs in your lungs. Is defined as inadequate gas exchange such as PaO2 less than 50mm Hg or PaCO2 greater than 50 mmHG and with pH less than 7.25. Can result from direct injury of the lungs, airways, or chest wall or indirectly because of injury to another body system.

5. The answer is B. Atelectasis. ...
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