Mika's Life in Cartoon Motion Album Review

Topics: Life in Cartoon Motion, Album, Cover art Pages: 2 (811 words) Published: April 28, 2012
Mika’s Life in Cartoon Motion
Michael Holbrook Penniman, also known as Mika, is a pop male singer artist and a songwriter. He began his debut as a singer with his album entitled, Life in Cartoon Motion in 2007. I chose this album cover because it’s eye-catching with its colorful image. It’s important to review and analyze the visual design of this album cover by focusing on different points of it. Such as the genre of the music, the image and color on the album cover, the representation of it, and the target audience of the album.

In his debut album, Life in Cartoon Motion, Mika set all of his song to be a pop genre. Just like a common pop artist’s album cover, no guns or parental advisory sticker, his album is filled with excessive amounts of color and image on the front and backsides. It makes the audience recognize his album even if they look from the backside. On the front of his cover, there are many colorful, cartoon-like characters and images as well as a tiny image of Mika himself. A list of the songs in the album, the official website, and the credits are also available on the backside of the album. This is essentially to give himself publicity and allow listeners to get to know him better.

There are many important images shown on the front of the cover. The flamboyant imagery really stands out. Mika’s album cover is very interesting and eye-catching because he uses random color on it. Also, there are various colorful articles such as a TV, sofa, flowers, grand piano, and bird. These random things are placed in spots all over the place. It is almost looks like a drawing paper of a kindergarten student. He made the colors and all of the images look like a cartoon, which is related to the title of his album, Life in Cartoon Motion. There is a picture of the album’s artist, Mika, near the bottom left of his name on the cover art. Even though it is small, it’s dominant and attracts the viewer’s attention because it’s in sepia. So, it will be the...
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