Migration into UK cities

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Migration into UK cities
The UK now has many migrants living and moving here, as net migration - the difference between the number of people emigrating and the number of immigrants arriving in Britain - was 182,000 in year ending June 2013 (Office of National Statistics). The amount of people who are migrating to the UK are causing some political problems, however they can also benefit the UK and themselves. There are some main reasons that migrants choose to move to the UK. Economic migration - moving to find work. For example, when Poland became a member of the European Union in 2004, it gave its citizens a right to seek work in other EU states, such as the UK. For some Poles, they only earned as little as £200 a month in Poland, so by coming to the UK, they hoped for a better wage and living standard. Many Polish people moved to UK cities, as the cities have many more job opportunities and cheaper housing. They are also more willing to do jobs that UK nationals will not do, such as cleaning. These are the lowest paid jobs and don’t require much skill. In only seven years, between 2004 and 2011, the number of Poles living in the UK went from 69,000 to 687,000 Social migration - moving somewhere for a better quality of life or to be closer to family or friends. For example, some Indians move to the UK for a better quality of life. This can sometimes lead on from economic migration, because the father of the family will move to find work, and then send enough money for his family to join him to escape the poverty of the streets of India. Often, cousins and siblings of families will join the family a few years later in the new country, to find a better life. Political migration - moving to escape political persecution or war. People move to the UK because they are either escaping war, or are asylum seekers and think that they aren’t safe where they live, usually as a result of their race or religion. Currently, asylum seekers come from Africa and the Middle...
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