Migration - Current and Historic example
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Migration is the movement of people from one place to another. The reasons for migration can be economic, social, political or environmental. There are usually several push and pull factors behind the choice made. Migration has always been present, starting when people navigated to conquer and discover new regions.
The migration pace has boosted significantly since the eighteenth century, where the involuntary slave trade still occurred. Since then it has gradually increased. One of the most influential reasons for this was industrialization, as the expansion of the global economy revolutionized the labor market.
From then on, millions more were migrating due to labor, refugee or urbanization migration. This meant that agricultural workers left the countryside and moved to the cities, resulting in unprecedented levels of urbanization. Even though this phenomenon began in Britain, it spread around the world, continuing to this day in many areas. One of the current examples of this is the Mexican Migration to the United States.
Despite the fact that the Mexican to United States migration began several years ago, it is still contemporary and generally, an area of contention for U.S.-Mexico relations.
This specific migration flux was initially encouraged by the USA, so that Mexican workers could be recruited to help ease labor force shortages in their economy. Their aim was to help develop the country by constructing rail railroad system across borders and etc.
Mexicans opted to move or not by validating the reasons presented next. The pull factors, those whom attract people to a certain place, include the fact that Mexicans believed that by moving to their neighbor country they would have improved living standards, enjoyment, education, medical care, security, higher wages, more and better jobs available and more.
Furthermore, the settling into the USA from Mexico could be considered easier than usual as the participating countries bordered.

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