Migration Benefits and Drawbacks

Topics: Immigration, Human migration, Emigration Pages: 2 (1139 words) Published: October 27, 2014

Benefits and Drawbacks of Migration
Migration is one of the most liquid aspects of geography, as so much is happening (people are constantly shifting), that it makes it hard to keep track of all the movement. However, migration still is a foundational aspect of human society today as it is what causes the majority of the fluctuation in the country’s economic and cultural status. This being said, the impacts that migration can have on both the source country and the destination country can be positive or negative, therefore it is important to create a balance between the immigration and emigration of the country. One of the possible benefits that the destination country can reap from the influx of migrants is the huge workforce that is now suddenly available to the country. For example, in the early 20th Century, a large amount of Mexicans migrated north into the US, due to political unrest within Mexico itself. However, this was a lucky coincidence for the US government as they were suddenly supplied with a humungous workforce, who were willing to work long hours for little pay: the solution that the US government was looking for. With the large influx of Mexicans, the US government was able to fill up all the job vacancies within the country (especially those with lower pay), thus stabilizing its economy for the future. However, this influx has also produced issues within America, as the constant immigration of Mexican citizens has caused over population and increase crime rates within American cities (peaking at 11,700,000 immigrants in 2010), causing disruption to their social hierarchy. With the large amount of Mexican immigrants into California (the city in which most immigrants tend to flock to), some of which may be illegal immigrants, this can make it hard for the government to keep track of certain economic issues such as drugs, illegal workplaces and unsafe working conditions for those workers in question. Comparatively, the country that loses its...
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