Migrants Culture in Host Country

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Migrant’s culture in host country

Culture is generally accepted way of doing activities in a society which includes beliefs, symbols, values, behaviour and social organization. Migrants adopt and mix with new culture since culture change in inevitable. There are certain arguments for maintaining one’s native culture in a new country. However, it is a defended that migrants should adopt the host country’s culture. This essay will consider the arguments for retaining or not retaining ones culture in the new country.

To begin with, people have developed their own way of living in the country of origin and they are accustomed to doing activities in the local ways. One of habits is the cooking styles. Migrants are usually middle aged people who find it difficult to adopt new ways of cooking because they are used to and experience in their traditional ways. To mark the special events celebrated back at home, food is cooked as it is done at home country. For instance, cook islanders cook in earth oven which gives a sense of togetherness and feeling for there culture (Manderson, 1986). Therefore, the migrants continue with their traditional ways to keep the culture alive and enjoy the same taste as home country.

However, it is not always possible to practise such cooking in foreign countries. Migrants usually rent a flat where ground is not always available. Place where it is vacant, it is prohibited to dig others compound. Lighting open fires in city area would create problems to residents, ringing of fire alarm and even pollution which is a major benchmark in urban centres. To add another point, the visitors more from the host country who will prefer food they are used to eating such as those prepared in grill and electric appliances. For example, to serve island food to European would be dishonour to their culture (Manderson, 1986). As a result, migrants strongly need to adapt to host cooking style to overcome such problem.

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