Migrant Mother

Topics: United States, Race and Ethnicity, African American Pages: 1 (698 words) Published: October 31, 2014


In Gail Bederman’s essay she concluded that Theodore Roosevelt used male gender as an imperialistic ideology that society should have. Young and longing to play the role of a man as far politics saw it. Roosevelt felt that a man was considered a superior being, who was entitled to demolish and conquer whatever he deemed fit. Adopting Rudyard Kipling’s ideas in his book “A White Man’s Burden”; became Roosevelt Alma Mater. (T.R. Pg. 118) Another supporting evidence would be Roosevelt’s “big stick” theory. This basically said that a man should “speak softly and carry a big stick.” (T.R. 119) This was another imperialistic idea that Gail Bederman is trying to address. Using severe force to conquer was a trait that Roosevelt felt that only a man could do. In my opinion Gail Bederman’s views stood ground to the essay that she wrote. Bederman had substantial evidence to sustain her claim that Roosevelt’s imperialistic ways stemmed from his idea of male superiority. “Roosevelt’s desire for imperial dominance had been, from the first, intrinsically related to his views about male power.” (Gail Bederman Pg.122). Gail Bederman is an acclaimed historian, with a PhD in United States History. Well known for her passionate pieces about gender and sexuality. With this I believe she is qualified to write on this topic. Paul Kramer’s piece on racial imperialism was the idea that the war between the Philippines and United States was done mainly on the grounds of racism. General McReeve wrote, “That ever since the Americans had liberated their negro slaves they had been looking around for others and thought they had found them at last in the Philippines.” (G.M Pg. 129) This statement showed how the United States viewed the Philippines even before the war. The United States used their idea of civilization and imposed those ideas on other countries as well. Kramer also believed that “…races were characterized in part by the way they made war….” (Kramer...
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