Migrant Mother

Topics: Great Depression, 1930s, Dorothea Lange Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: September 24, 2013
“Migrant Mother”
During the early 1930s, the Great Depression is great economical calamity claim many people financial life. People around the world was dumped into poverty while the people who are rich have been render to a middle class annual salary. “Migrant Mother” is one of the picture that was taken during that time period. But this picture is more that a picture. The Picture is very impactful in many ways. One of those way is Unity. The composition, lighting and setting explains that thoroughly. “Migrant Mother” is a time machine all the way to that time period (Lange 1936).

Composition is in a picture as much as a essay. Dorothea Lange incorporate composition .by subtly showing the creases of the tent pointing to the mother. Also the arm of the mother is leading up to her. Which also seems to show that the mother is a very important person. We can support this by looking at the two children that are leaning on her shoulder and the baby angle towards her to. Since this picture was that in the era when the Great Depression happened. This strongly exemplifies the one of the characteristic of the picture is unity.

The lighting or color of “Migrant Mother” strongly shows that what the future hold was a picture painted in black and white. Dorothea Lange took the picture in black and white for the simple purpose of emphasizing when this picture was taken. Though there is other reason, the is one of them. This also shows that the mother in this pillar is a very important figure in the family. She symbolized support for the family. We can also mark her as the “Super Ego” of the family. The children leaning into her for support is one example. She also symbolizes strength. As she looks into the beyond pondering. The mother will not stop trying for her family. The term “Keep Walking. Never Stop. Keep Walking.” means to just keep going forward, don’t let anything deters you. My saying, and sticking by it. The “Migrant Mother” shows this.

The surrounding of...

Cited: Lange, Dorothea. The Migrant Mother. 1936. Prints and Photographs Div., Lib. of Cong., Washington, DC. Dorothea Lange: Photographer of the People. Web. 21 November 2012.
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