Midterm Exam

Topics: Evaluation, Médecins Sans Frontières, Health care Pages: 3 (506 words) Published: October 18, 2013
Midterm Exam

1.A) What are the advantages and disadvantages of making program evaluation a standard part of health and human service delivery programs? The advantages of making program evaluation a standard part of health human services programs they may become more efficient and effective in their services. By making the program standard However the disadvantages are that from the evaluation the programs may be ended due to lack of delivery effectiveness or the budget may be decreased.

B) Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages or vice versa?

Defend your answer.

A) Under which conditions would a needs assessment and program evaluation be threatening to an organization?

B) Explain how you, as the objective evaluator, would allay the organization’s concerns?

A) Explain how a logic model is the thread that links together community assessment, program planning, program delivery and program evaluation. Be specific.

B) Refer to the NFP Logic Model from our readings. Explain how you would use this logic model to design and conduct a program evaluation of the NFP program.

A) Describe the relationship of a theory of change to program development and program evaluation.

B) Describe the probable theory of change for Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), in English known as Doctors without Borders.

We discussed numerous ethical breaches that could take place during the conduct of a program evaluation. A) Describe three different ethical breaches in the field of program evaluation and explain why they might happen.

B) Explain what you, as an evaluator, could do to prevent each of the three situations.

C) Choose one of the three ethical breaches you have described; how would you handle it if it happened to you?

A) What human subject protections are in place for program participants involved in a...
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