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Speech Communication 100
Midterm Exam

Multiple Choice: Choose only one answer and mark the corresponding letter on your scantron. Each question is worth 2 points.

1. One characteristic of human communication is that it is symbolic. In this symbolic communication meanings are located in:

a. words
b. events
c. people*
d. objects

2. Symbols

a. Stand for something other than themselves.*
b. Represent ideas, but not people, things or events.
c. Mean exactly the same thing to various people.
d. Have nothing to do with verbal communication.

3. Which of the following is an example of intrapersonal communication?

a. a dyad sharing high levels of self-disclosure
b. any communication which is not face-to-face
c. your conscience*
d. watching a videotaped speech

4. Mass communication messages are:

a. more personal than other types of communication
b. more of a product than other types of communication*
c. where college students spend almost one half of their total communication time d. all of the above

5. When we are searching for words to express an idea, we are involved in the process of:

a. assigning meaning
b. transmitting
c. decoding
d. encoding*

6. John is trying to listen to a speech but his headache interferes. He’s experiencing:

a. external noise
b. physiological noise*
c. psychological noise
d. a distraction not classified as noise

7. According to your text, in most cases successful communication occurs when:

a. the speaker is satisfied
b. the listener is satisfied
c. everyone is satisfied*
d. one person has more sophisticated communication skills

8. A person’s self-concept is a set of:

a. constantly changing perception of others
b. stable perceptions of others
c. uniquely changing perceptions of ourselves
d. relatively stable perceptions of ourselves*

9. The image we develop of ourselves based on the way we think others view us is called:

a. the self-conscious self
b. the multidimensional self
c. perception checking
d. reflected appraisal*

10. Math is your weakest subject. On the first day of college algebra you tell the student next to you, “I bet I’ll get a D in this course”. At the end of the semester you get a D. This result could be an example of:

a. self-denial
b. self-disclosure
c. self-fulfilling prophecy*
d. self-motivation

11. Several factors influence the selection of perceived stimuli. Which of the following is not one of those factors:

a. correctness*
b. contrast
c. repetition
d. intensity

12. Attribution refers to:

a. judging the personal qualities of another
b. heredity
c. the reflected self concept
d. the process of attaching meaning to behavior*

13. People usually judge themselves:

a. more harshly than others
b. more positively than others*
c. more honestly than others
d. less often as they grow older

14. If you have left only the night before a test to study, and then explain it by saying you were just too busy, but when your friends do the same thing you label them “procrastinators”, you are exhibiting:

a. an attributional error
b. the effect of repeated stimuli
c. the self-serving bias*
d. empathy

15. Language:

a. is symbolic
b. is rule-governed
c. can shape and reflect attitudes
d. all of the above*

16. Language use can reflect the speaker’s willingness to take responsibility for his/her statements. Which of the following categories of statements reflects the highest amount of speaker responsibility?

a. I statements*
b. you statements
c. they statements
d. it statements

17. Syntactic rules determine:

a. the meaning of a particular symbol
b. the pronunciation of a particular symbol
c. the hierarchy of meaning in symbols
d. the sequence of a set of symbols*

18. The teacher who reports that a student has difficulty with motor coordination instead of saying he or she is clumsy could be accused of using a:

a. equivocation
b. metaphor
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