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Apologetics Exam
Fall, 2009
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Michael Gabizon
CPO 313

1. State the four logically possible ways in which evidentialism could go about justifying its beliefs? Briefly evaluate each of the options. [20]
Evidentialism holds four logical possibilities in an attempt to justify their beliefs. There is historical evidence, negative apologetics, minimal evidence, and the Holy Spirit.
The first step is Historical Evidence. Evidentialists tend to resort to historical evidence as a very important method (i.e. the resurrection). The reason historical evidences are so important is because, as long as minimal facts (those agreed upon by all) are used, the audience cannot deny the conclusion of the premise. Historical evidence allows for a one-step process for converting one to Christianity. Historical evidences have a lot of credibility.

A second step is negative apologetics. This form attempts to debunk those arguments said against Christianity. Negative apologetics defends the faith against outsider claims to Christianities fallacies.

A third step is minimal evidences. This is used primarily in reference to the resurrection. In an attempt to prove the legitimacy of the resurrection, an evidentialist would use facts and concepts which all people agree on (i.e. the tomb was empty, eye-witnesses, etc.) and lead the individual into the conclusion that the resurrection took place. If one accepts these minimal evidences, then the conclusion of the resurrection has to follow. It is important for evidentialists to find common ground with the people whom they are speaking with to prove their point.

A fourth step is the recognition of the power of the Holy Spirit. The bible is absolutely clear that it is only through Him that one can be regenerated; it is not by the will of the flesh. Due to this concept, evidentialists understand the importance and reliability they have on the...
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