Midsummer Nights Dream Hermia's Pov (Modern Version)

Topics: Marriage, Love, A Midsummer Night's Dream Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Hermia POV

My father won’t let me marry Lysander, the love of my life; instead I have to marry Demetrius who I care nothing about. The father said that if I don’t marry Demetrius he’ll send me to the nunnery or I’ll have a death sentence for not obeying my father and I don’t want either of those things. So I’ll have to marry Demetrius even though I have no interest in him at all.

Later on tonight me and Lysander plan to meet in the nearby wood and run off to Lysander’s aunt’s house and get secretly married. I know that Helena, my beloved friend, is upset about mine and Demetrius’ marriage but I will tell her that me and Lysander are planning to elope, which will mean that Demetrius will remain single and free for Helena.

Me and Lysander wonder into the woods and we soon get lost. I’m very tired from the walking and the night is falling. Lysander suggested that we should share a bed on the forest floor. As much as I love Lysander I don’t want us to get caught sleeping together when I’m supposed to be marrying Demetrius. When I woke up in the morning Lysander was gone I suddenly started panicking thinking where he could have gone, so head off and search for him. I find Lysander and Demetrius declaring their love for Helena. What’s happening Lysander loves me why has he suddenly in love with Helena! Helena started running away but I quickly chased her into a different part of the woods. I really badly want to scratch her eyes out!

The next morning I wake up and Lysander loves me again and Demetrius loves Helena. Lysander and I admit to our plan to elope and Demetrius tells my father that he is now in love with Helena and not me. I know my father is angry after hearing all this and demands that the death sentence to be carried out, but thankfully Theseus declares that me and Lysander and Demetrius and Helena can get married alongside with him and Hippolyta.
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