Midsummer: Beauty and Girl

Topics: Beauty, A Story / Pages: 3 (732 words) / Published: Mar 1st, 2013
The peak of the summer Are you aware of the beauty of the youth that glows with the unstained purity and the audacity from the vigorous freshness? Arguilla’s story of Midsummer depicts a story in which a youthful boy and a girl share the intimacy that developed with the natural inclination toward each other that prompted at the charming figures of the young bodies. To help readers build what this story conveys, the disclosure of the story which follows the general chronological sequence showcases the slow but sure emotional progression of the boy and the girl as well as the escalation of the appeal that trapped them together (they became trapped at each other). Further, the place set in the story, a rural Philippine area, in which the taste of the languor floating over throughout the story evokes the sense that something unusual and sensational seemed to have happened.
Along with what the characteristics of the characters, the setting and the development of the story suggest, we can pretty (omit pretty) well conceive what Arguilla was tries to draw a picture out of this story; The peak of the youthfulness blooms under the stimulus of counterparts’ beauty and the energy. The two young (characters), surely in the summit of their age, as green as the leaves shining under the sun’s rays, radiant with liveliness and vitality, and tickled with the curiosity to what is unknown to one, finally reached its glamour to the fullest from discovering what is inside. After all, finding one in full blossom allowed from knowing the counterpart’s secret of beauty leads to their peak of beauty just like Midsummer.
The boy looked idle or rather unoccupied, driving the cart of the cow as his due for his labour, at the beginning of the story. But sooner or later, after he spotted the beauty of the girl, he glowed with the ardor that led him to follow the path the girl disappeared into, and his thirst for the girl only piled up after witnessing the wetted bosom of her. He became

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