Midnight Herring

Topics: Prohibition in the United States, Ontario, Detroit River Pages: 3 (1056 words) Published: November 16, 2013

Midnight Herring, written by David Frew, is written in a narrative view. Midnight Herring is a real true story about the residents of Lake Erie during the prohibition era. The story goes on and it is told about what the life was like during the prohibition era. David Frew, is a main character in the book Midnight Herring. David Frew was a professor at Gannon University, and worked with the association of the behavior in Erie, Pennsylvania. David Frew knew he wanted to, and had to speak with Chief Jake Thomas right away after paying attention to the Canadian Broadcasting Company Radio. When David Frew was listening to the radio station he was able to hear Chief Tomas talk with people about their jobs. The people talked about what it was like working. In the year 1992, David Frew was certain he wanted to learn more from Chief Jake Thomas. David Frew instantaneously reserved an appointment with of Chief Thomas’s. David Frew and Chief Thomas were able to meet, and talked for a while as they took a walk through the woods. Chief Thomas never really spoke with or seen a non-Indian person. Chief Thomas had said that his secretary had told him that David Frew had good intentions, which helped out down the road. David Frew had than began his expedition on a hunt for the knowledge of the prohibition era. He was hungry for information and facts about those who lived during the Prohibition era. David Frew met with a guy named Joe Semple who told extraordinary stories. David Frew went to the Port Dover Harbor Museum to get more information, so he knew more. David Frew knew Joe Semple was the right guy. They planned to meet again in Erie. Joe Semple was happy enough to tell more stories when they meet again.

In 1920, many people who involved in the fishing industry knew about the Kolbe family just as much as the historians. William Cap Kolbe was a famous fisherman of western Lake Erie, who used gill netting. After a few years Cap Kolbe became a Sandusky Fish Company...
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