Middle School Narrative Essay

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Middle school was really weird time for me. It seemed like it was the most dramatic / drama filled. Our school at St. Peters was messed up, anything that could happen did. I've had teacher come up to me and ask for answers to what happened. Students doing bad things and etc. Also middle school to me was so fun, because people who I like got in trouble because of me. If you weren't my friend at St. Peters you better hope that you weren't mean to me, because if you were the teachers would find out what you did and they get in trouble.

Sixth grade, the first year in the new middle school building. It was about the third week into school and a teacher came up to me and asked me to watch over this kid named Justin. (He was different from everyone else, he had a birth-defect.) I said sure, why not, he seems to be nice. He only had one friend, and that one friend I wouldn't say was a good one. Later that week I was called into the disciplinarian's office, her name was Mrs. Landry. She was the seventh grade Social Studies teacher. So wanted me to tell her everything that happened, I didn't what to tell her,...

It was the craziest out of all of them. This was the year that we had a new girl come to school, her name was Kirsten. It was the fourth day of school and she was doing fine, then everyone started to hate her, and then would be really mean. She seemed to be cool, I don't know why people didn't like her. Me and my best friend were called into the office and asked to be friends with her, and tell them what the other people are doing her, like being mean or talking bad about her. The experience was the worst at first because if you're friends with her you were cool or talk to. That was hard for me because I have a lot of friends at St. Peters, and I didn't want to not be their friend, but now that I think about it they weren't real friends. So I made the choice to be friends with her and not listen to everyone...
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