Middle Range Theory in Nursing

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Middle Range Theory in Nursing
Cindy Spain
American Sentinel University

Middle Range Theory in Nursing
The credibility of a profession is based upon its ability to create and apply theory. Nursing as a whole has not been at the forefront of theoretical research being much more practical or hands-on in nature. Unless nurses increase the value placed on research and the body of knowledge that establishes the legitimacy of their practice then nursing will remain in a subordinate position in the medical environment. Theorists anticipated that by conceptualizing models of nursing, practitioners would be able to become more autonomous in their clinical settings while increasing the visibility and authority of nursing as a discipline. It would therefore be anticipated that nurses being able to comprehend and use theory will continue to grow with more master degree nurses and with the development of advanced practice nurses. Theoretical development is imperative as nursing progresses into care management, prescribing rights and specialist arenas traditionally held solely by physicians. Current embodiments such as the Magnet Recognition Program have encouraged theoretical research in nursing (McCrae, 2012) Definition

Middle range theory as defined by Smith and Liehr (2008) is a set of related ideas associated with the defined reality of nursing. These theories are developed at the level where research and nursing practice intersect. Nursing is a professional discipline and as such middle range theories are part of this structure. Middle range theories and thusly the knowledge base of nursing is growing and theories are useful to both the nursing profession nut also other disciplines involved in the care of individuals and populations. On the Ladder of Abstraction, middle range theories are the middle rung; below the abstract philosophical rung of symbols and concepts, and above the empirical or concrete level or that which can be observed. Current Trends

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