Middle passage

Topics: Middle Passage, Slave ship, Atlantic slave trade Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: February 13, 2014
Middle Passage
The Middle Passage was the stage of the Triangular Trade where slaves was shipped to the New World as part of the Atlantic slave trade. The slaves were sold or exchanged for goods. Like Iron, cloth, gunpowder, brandy, Tobacco, sugar etc. The voyage took several weeks’ sometimes months to get to their destination. While the slaves were on the ship they were packed liked sardines and shackled like animals. Their hands and feet were chained to each other and they had to sleep in one another’s feces, urine and blood. This later on caused diseases such as yellow fever, small pox, Measles and other illnesses. The living situation was unbearable they were cramped in small areas with little or no ventilation they were being suffocated by the crowdedness. The odor and sickness led to many of the slave’s death. Their where cases the captains would drown slaves at sea so the owners could collect the insurance money. Thousands of African slaves were ended up dead. Some of them will commit suicide’ by jumping off the ship, others would starve themselves to death. When the Europeans caught on to what they were doing they started to force feed them with a tool that keeps your mouth open. They would put fear in their hearts by saying if they jump off the ship sharks will eat them. One captain had a large amount of suicides on his ship so made an example out of one of them. He tied a woman on a rope and lowered her in the water and as he was lifting her out of the water the shark had ripped the lower half of her body off. If that didn’t work they would torture and beat them. The slaves endured several abuse and traumatic experiences during The Middle Passage I can’t put in one essay but it ended up being something great in the end…
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