Middle East Conflict

Topics: Israel, Palestinian National Authority, Middle East Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: June 23, 2013
The Middle East Conflict

The Middle East has been fighting for years. Throughout history, the land has been took, passed down, broken away and all around undecided about. Even to this day, the unresolved problems of the past still remain and will probably carry out into the future. Fights over Religion, oil, and land ownership often cause chaos and huge problems for those who live and reside in the Middle East. Constant fighting in the Middle East for years is still unresolved and the problems unfixed. This is a place where it probably seems like there are no solutions... well none that work. To start out, the Middle East belonged to the Jews, who only owned it for a short while before being persecuted by the Romans. The Romans defeated the Jews and took the land over causing the Jews to flee to Europe. The Roman’s Empire stood strong for a long time and continued to grow stronger as they gained the Middle East that belonged to the Jews. After escaping to Europe the Jews then faced another problem. There was a selfish, horrible dictator there who was later known as Adolf Hitler. The problem they faced was Hitler and the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a terrible thing for any person to go through and by the time it ended, it had took over at least 6 million lives… about 4 million of those belonged to the Jews. Something like this drew attention from the world. As the world felt sorry for the mistreated, misplaced Jews, The United Nations created a new country for them in 1948. It was “Welcome to Palestine” from the world. But as the world said welcome, the former Palestinians felt betrayed and angry that the Jews could just come back and be given their land. The Jews argued that this land belonged to them and that they were “God’s chosen people.” This was Israel the promise land and they believed it was theirs. Palestine’s people who already lived there weren’t happy with this. War broke out between the Palestinians and the Jews. To add to the issues of the...
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