Middle East

Topics: Israel, Second Intifada, West Bank Pages: 2 (846 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Middle East
Part 1
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is an ongoing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. Many issues still remain today between the two groups. These include mutual recognition, borders, security, water rights, control of Jerusalem, Israeli settlements, Palestinian freedom of movement and legalities concerning refugees. The violence resulting from the conflict has brought international actions, as well as security and human rights concerns, within, between both sides, and internationally. Many solutions have been attempted, but none successful. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict goes back to 1947 when the United Nations voted to separate the British mandate of Palestine into two. Arab leaders refused to accept the decision. When Israel declared its independence in May 1948, surrounding Arab countries attacked to destroy the land. By the end of war in 1949, lots of Palestinians lost their homes and property. While many people left, a larger number of Jews were forced to leave all Arab countries in the Middle East. The Palestinians then took the Gaza Strip under their security ruled by Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. Another conflict started in 1967. Israeli troops took control of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip that were part of the “Occupied Territories,” according to the Palestinians. Less than one million Palestinians remained in the West Bank after a large number moved to East Jordan. These people stayed in the West Bank under Israeli military rule and the others that left were not allowed to return home. By the end of all of this, more than one million Palestinians were living permanently as refugees and the conflict had still not been solved. Many of the refugee camps became bases of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. The PLO refused to accept Israel as a country. It ordered that Palestine would be free, openly calling for Israel’s wrecking, and that the refugees could return to their homes. PLO extremists participated in...
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