Middle Ear and Client

Topics: Otitis media, Middle ear, Ear Pages: 4 (1051 words) Published: July 26, 2012
Rachel Martin
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NUR402-2 Davis
Topic Set 6

1. What is the correct procedure for performing an ophthalmoscopic examination on a client’s right eye? A) Instruct the client to look at the examiner’s nose and not move his/her eyes during the exam. B) Set ophthalmoscope on the plus 2 to 3 lens and hold it in front of the examiner’s right eye. C) From a distance of 8 to 12 inches and slightly to the side, shine the light into the client’s pupil. D) For optimum visualization, keep the ophthalmoscope at least 3 inches from the client’s eye. Correct Answer: C

Rationale: The client should focus on a distant object in order to promote pupil dilation. The ophthalmoscope should be set on the 0 lens to begin and should be held in front of the examiner’s left eye when examining the client’s right eye. For optimum visualization, the ophthalmoscope should be kept within one inch of the client’s eye. 2. An older client who resides in a long-term care facility is hearing-impaired. How should the nurse modify interventions for this client? A) Turn off the client’s television and speak very loudly. B) Communicate in writing whenever it is possible.

C) Speak very slowly while exaggerating each word.
D) Face the client and speak in a normal tone of voice.
Correct Answer: D
Rationale: A hearing-impaired client frequently relies on lip reading and body language to determine what is being said. 3. A nurse is planning to instruct a client with chronic vertigo about safety measures to prevent exacerbation of symptoms or injury. Teaching for this client will include which of the following statements? A) Drive only when feelings of dizziness have not been experienced for several hours B) Go to the bedroom and lie down when vertigo is experienced C) Remove throw rugs and clutter in the home

D) Turn the head slowly when spoken to
Correct Answer: C
Rationale: The client should maintain the home without throw...
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