middle childhood

Topics: Child, Want, Mental health professional Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: October 21, 2013
Tracy, a ten year old is undergoing a vigorous amount of pressure from his parents. The amount of pressure his parents is laying on him has caused him to withdraw from school activities including his friends. There were circumstances that took place in his family’s past that lead into Tracy’s parents contemplating divorce. Tracy is in his middle childhood years. This is the point inn a child’s life where they develop socially and mentally. When children reach this stage they are able to make new friends and gain new skills, which will enable them to become more independent and enhance their individuality. This is the stage where children experience more peer pressure than pressure from parents. Tracy may be undergoing a sense of perfection so he allows his parents to influence his academic activities and because he would want to meet his parents needs the pressure they put on him would have negative effects, therefore causing him to pull away. Not only is the pressure from his parents affecting him negatively but the past events that took place resulting in his parents considering divorce can effect Tracy negatively. At this stage in life, when a child’s family goes through major events such as divorce the child may feel like they are they reason to blame. Divorce can weigh heavily on a child and it can be the reason in the decrease in grades. Some children do not know how to handle their parents splitting up and in result they create a shell for themselves. As a mental health counselor the first step in help Tracy through this obstacle in life is finding ways to help him cope with the events taking place at home. Home is where all his troubles seem to begin. Tracy’s parents don’t need to pressure him but need to encourage him to be more involved in school activities and try to maintain friendships. At this stage making friends is very more to the child because it gives them a sense of belongingness. Once Tracy is able to cope with things at home everything...
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