Middle Ages and the Renaissance

Topics: Renaissance, Middle Ages, Dark Ages Pages: 4 (1107 words) Published: December 12, 2012
The Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

The Middle Ages covered a span of approx. 1000 years and have been described as a long period of cultural decline and stagnation. The Middle Ages were marked by the diversification and growth of economy and society and by the subsequent social tension and political and religious conflict. The early era of the middle ages is known as the Dark Ages and covered a time period form 410 A.D. through 1066 A.D. The name the Dark Ages referred to the period of time in Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire The art of the dark ages were mainly created for the eastern Orthodox Church and given the name Byzantine Art. Byzantine Art depicts the differences in the development of the Catholic religion in the west and the Byzantine Empire. Byzantine art was restricted to religious art created by monasteries, these works were one dimensional with no shadows, and muted somber tones. There were no portrait paintings and figures that were painted were done only as front facing with long, somber faces with no attempt at realism. The mental condition of the Middle Ages was one of ignorant prostration before the idols of the Church and the mind of man was ignorant of its own treasures and its own capacities. (Guisepi, n.d.). There were few schools established and monasteries were

the only place where knowledge survived. It was also thought throughout this period that only certain members of society were in need of being educated such as lawyers and the clergy, this was a time a decline in trading as well as education. A Feudalism form of government was in practice giving way to a fragmented political environment where people where loyal to tribes not to a country. As the Middle Ages progressed artists began to break away from the Byzantine arts influence and developed a visual art style known as the Gothic Arts. As the Gothic Art style developed the artists worked to achieve realism in their works, this movement culminated into the...
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