Middle Ages and Music

Topics: Music, Polyphony, Middle Ages Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: November 19, 2014
Middle Ages
1. What was going historically during this era?  What was life like? 2.  Who or what had the power?
3.  Who were learned or literate?
4.  Who were allowed to sing in church?
5.  Most of the music that was notated during the middle ages was sacred or secular? 6.  Was most medieval music vocal?
7.  What is Gregorian Chant?  Discuss its origin, texture, melody, rhythm, text.  How did it receive its name?  What is its purpose? 8.  When chant was notated, was the rhythm notated or just the melody? 9.  What are church modes?

10.  What is the Mass?
11.  What is the Proper of the Mass?
12.  What is the Ordinary of the Mass?
13.  Who is Hildegard of Bignen?
14.  When did composers begin to write polyphonic pieces?  What was this early polyphony like? 15. What is a canon?
16. What is a drone?
17. What is an ostinato?
18. What is the liturgy?
19. Who is Guillaume de Machaut?
20.  What city became the musical center of Europe during the mid to late Middle Ages?  What was the musical center of this city and who worked there? 21.  Composers began to write polyphonic songs that were not always based on chant, what were they based on instead? 22.  By the 14th century a new system of music notation had evolved.  It allowed a composer to specify almost any rhythmic pattern.  Were beats now divided into two or three parts or both?  Was syncopation used?


1.  What was going historically during this era?  What was life like? 2.  What is humanism?
3.  What effect did the printing press have on music?
4.  Was every educated person expected to be trained in music? 5.  Where did musical activity gradually shift to?
6.  Were composers content to remain unknown?
7.  Does vocal music continue to be more important than instrumental music? 9.  What is word painting?
10.  What is the primary texture of most renaissance music? 11.  How many different parts are typically found in a renaissance...
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