Middle Ages

Topics: Middle Ages, Periodization, Poverty Pages: 2 (294 words) Published: September 20, 2014

The social class of the Middle Ages is very similar to today in my opinion. They had the nobles and clergy as our today’s rich and well off. They’re peasantry were we called today poor people. The homeless today would fit in with peasants back then and the CEO’s, politicians, and other wealthy citizens would be considered nobles. In the Middle Ages the church had more power and respect than we allow them to have today. I do believe there are musical associations involved with social class today. It’s very stereotypical in my opinion. You do not expect someone ranked high in class to be blasting rap music in their car. In contrast, you would not expect a person living in the government housing to listen to classical. It’s not right, but it’s true.

Musical education was not taught to the poor in the Middle Ages. Today I believe music is taught to every class. However, wealthier people are able to take advantages of live showings and other musical events.

I don’t necessarily like or dislike music from this time period. Personally it makes me sleepy listening to it. I believe music revolutionized, so there is a way to relate all older music to music today. I am having trouble relating to music because it is so different from the music I listen to on a daily basis.

I agree that religion still plays a part in politics. I am a Christian, and believe this is the best way for it to be. At the same time I believe there should be boundaries. I also agree that there are still the two types of music, but with many different subtypes. Overall, politics and religion will always be related, and that’s perfectly fine with me.
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