Middle Ages

Topics: Middle Ages, Periodization, Medieval demography Pages: 3 (1035 words) Published: October 19, 2010
The Middle Ages had some negative aspects, but so did every other time period in history. Is that a real reason to call it the Dark ages? People might call it the dark ages because that’s all they have heard about that certain time period. All they have heard about is the bad things and nothing about the positive, or the changes from medieval to modern times. People tend to go off information that is just handed to them, but never really go deeper into the situation. The Middle Ages shouldn’t be known for being the “Dark Ages” because there were some progress in several areas. The Middle Ages was time of progress because of the rise of the middle class, the great leaders of Europe at the time, and conversions to Christianity brought the “Dark Ages” to a point were people started to question if they were actually “Dark”. As the Middle Ages progressed, the rise of the middle class was increasing, giving the middle class economical and political power. They had a say of what went on in that sense. Their cities started to grow rapidly, the boundary walls had to be replaced with a bigger border. The increases in size of the middle class because of the peasents were able to move up into the middle class. The nobles were also members of the middle class during this time period. Being in the middle class allowed people to have more freedom and power to make changes. This time period did end, but only to fall right into another one. People think that the going back and forth form different times to different times is what caused the “Dark Ages” to happen. But they just need to look into the bigger picture of what wad really happening. As one leader fell, another one stood up, the high Middle Ages took place from 1000-1300. The great leaders of this time period were Henry, Elizabeth, and Louis expanded royal domain. Basically the power built an organized government which had to do with parliament. They began the systems of royal justice which Henry of England first came up...
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