Middle Ages

Topics: Middle Ages, Feudalism, Dark Ages Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: April 2, 2013
The Middle Ages was the era between 500 and 1400 in Europe there was a lot going during this time. There are many ways to describe it. This era was best labeled by the Dark Ages, Age of Feudalism, the Age of Faith, or the Golden Age.

Historian Frantz Funck- Brentano used previously publishes texts to describe Europe in the Dark Ages the excerpt says that the Hungarains swarm over the Western provinces, sucked town and village and laid the waste on the fields. The conditions on Europe were horrible. This is because of all the terror the trade ceased and peasants abandoned the fields to avoid the violence of the anarchy. (Doc. 1). In an excerpt from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles it says that in 842, during the dark ages, there was a great slaughter in London, Quentavic and in Rochester. Because of this, men loaded their boats with their goods and returned to their own country. (Doc # 3).

During the Age of Feudalism, Vassals and Lords had feudal obligations to each other. Vassals owed loyalty, military service and ransom, if needed, to their lords. Lords who owned their land, or fiefs, and protection to their Vassals. ( Doc # 4). In an excerpt from the Homage Oath taken by John Toul it informs that Toul was making it knows that he was the liege if the count and countess of Champagne. Since he was the liege, he would aid the count of Champagne in his own person and he would send his knights to count and countess, who he owes service to for the fief that he holds of theirs. (Doc # 2).

Although the Golden Age really made improvement from the Dark ages. During a council of the church, they observe the True of God in 1083. It was said that from the first day of the Advent of our Lord through Epiphany and throughout the year on every Sunday, Friday and Saturday, and on the fast days of theh four seasons this decree of peace shall be preserve. The reason for this was so that no one would commit murder, arson, or even robbery. As Gray C. Boyce said we learn...
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