Middle Ages

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It was a continuation of the Middles Ages- for example “That king of yours (Henry VIII of England) may bring back the golden age, though I shall not live to enjoy, as my tale draws to an end” But I also agree that it was a period of distinct from the Middle Ages, there were so many changes- economic, religious, and art after the Middles Ages came to the Renaissance. Economic changes occurred where there were low prices, excess food, and all of this seems to lead to trade. Banking and credit cards were created. During the “Black death” there was a strained mainly because of the low food supply. Religious changes affected the church, which was a hug part of their lives during the middles ages and the Renaissance. Humanism focused on individual achievements. For example, DaVinic work was considered humanist. Science was focused on the Renaissance which challenged the church doctrine. Art changes differ between Middles ages and the Renaissance. Middle Ages, people didn’t make art because they were too focused on church. Renaissance art was similar to the Italian and French and felt more realistic. In the middle ages, Muslims influenced art, and so the Renaissance had more, influences than the middle ages. In conclusion, the Renaissance was a golden age, but middle Ages were too dark and completed, where as the Renaissance had a stronger economy. In other words, the Middles ages had no care, (Doc 2) “Man was conscious of himself only as member of a race, people, party, family, or corporation.”
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