Middle Age

Topics: Middle Ages, Renaissance, Black Death Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: May 6, 2013
The Middle Ages was a period that brought many changes to the world. It affected Europe in its economy, politics, ideology and many more aspects. The impact caused by all of these changes in this era was so overwhelming that it modified practically every aspect of life and existence for the civilization in that historical moment, as well as the development of modern day society. For this reason ,the Middle Ages should be considered a time of transition in which many things changed, some for better and some for worse. That is what makes this particular historical period such an important one.

To be able to recognize the changes that this period caused Europe, we must compare the previous era (Anglo-Saxon) with the medieval period. We can accomplish this by mentioning different aspects of society and how the Middle Ages introduced new ideas in each of these individual aspects. The most obvious change that the Middle Age brought upon European society (specifically England) is that it introduced a new social system called Feudalism as well as the French language to England. The best way to explain the Feudal system is to compare it with a chain of command. God is the supreme overlord; beneath him is the King who appoints vassals to whom he gives land. Those vassals later divide and give their lands to barons (who take care of these lands). Another contribution this era brought to society was that it introduced a new type of warrior or hero called a Knight. These modern soldiers were in charge of protecting their lands as well as serving militarily. Another social change was that women became the subservient to their men. This means that her husband, father or brother determined their social standing as well as the respect that she was given. The period also introduced “Chivalry”, this was a system of ideals or rules to follow in every day life as well as in battle. These five examples are merely a small portion of the total amount of changes that Europe succumbed...
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