mid term sociology essay

Topics: Sociology, Poverty, Homelessness Pages: 4 (1490 words) Published: December 9, 2013

Midterm Essay

1.) definition of sociology to me is basically the study of how humans react interact and act in different scenarios and situations they are put in. also the knowledge of what is going on around the world. In class we talked a lot about world situations and problems the people go through daily. Mills and Bergers agree to the notation that “things are not what they seem” because basically humans are always looking for whats really behind the scenes of what is really going on. No one really believes everything they hear on tv or the internet etc. or really believe on ones description of ones self. Mainly because one will always make themselves seem better and “cooler” then who they really are. Humans are always trying to find what really going on in situations or who someone really is not who they say they are to be. One in a selected group of people is got a set of descriptions to that group weather good or bad. But people who look behind find that those stereotypes are not always what they seem to be. Coming to find that in society things aren’t always what they seem. And the debunking of society is agreed upon because people have set roles depending on what and who people really are. The unmasking tendency is the searching for more to reality then just the what is thought to be believed. This is only possible "if one does not take the concepts of one's own society or even of an entire historical period...for granted..." the common sense beliefs and social actions are illusionary because one who goes about the every day way of living is just going through the motions. Its like people now a days are robots, agreeing to things they don’t agree etc. its all just an illusion to what is seemed. For example in class we would talk about how for example at work or when a friend or stranger asks “how are you doing” just naturally humans will respond good. Now one who asks that doesn’t really know weather they are doing good or not but they...
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