Mid-Road Family

Topics: Character, Pregnancy, Protagonist Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: October 23, 2008
Mid-Road Family

Mid-road family, a Thai short story, is settled in Bangkok Metropolitan. It focuses on experiences middle-classmen often meet on the road during traffic jams. The story conveys how it is a necessity to own a car and why it is considered as good opportunity even one is stuck on traffic jams. We as readers later learnt that the main character is able to sit in a car without any frustration since he always has a beautiful wife by his side. Moreover, we can also make friends with strangers who share the same road. They are, in fact, just like our neighbors. Owning a car is like owning a “portable house”; thus, several activities can be done in a car without wasting any time. According to the story, we notice that there are many activities take place on the road such as eating, sleeping, changing clothes, exercising, making friends, etc. However, the major activity the main character and his wife do is to engage in sexual activities inside a car. The main character is overjoyed after he reveals that his wife get pregnant in consequence. This discovery gives him a feeling of a complete family he yearns for. At the end, the story underlines that to have a bigger car is a necessity to live on a road happily ever after. The theme in Mid-road family is why it is important to always motivate ourselves to have a better life by being optimistic and being able to manage time. As a result, people who live in a chaotic city with traffic jams would not get too much tension. From the story, the main character thinks positively since he realizes that he is lucky to have a car although he has to be on a road for a long time. Besides, he has time plan and activities that are unlikely be able to lead him to frustration. From the reading, I comprehend that all city people have to face with the same situation, spending a long time on the road with traffic jams I believe that every Thais all have the same struggle, experiencing the nature of traffic in Bangkok. . In...
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