Mics Case Study 5

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Midterm Group Project Case Study Five

Assume your group will serve as a systems analysis and design team for a project designed to computerize or enhance the computerization of all business aspects of a 15-year old national U.S. trucking firm called Maverick Transport. Maverick is a less-than-a-truckload (LTL) carrier. The people in management work from a philosophy of just in time (JIT), in which they have created a partnership that includes the shipper, the receiver, and the carrier (Maverick Transport) for the purpose of transporting and delivering the materials required just in time for their use on the production line. Maverick maintains 626 tractors for hauling freight, and has 45,000 square feet of warehouse space and 21,000 square feet of office space.

A. Along with your group members, develop a list of sources of archival data that should be checked when analyzing the information requirements of Maverick.
B. When this list is complete, devise a sampling scheme that would permit your group to get a clear picture of the company without having to read each document generated in its 15 year history.

Arrange to visit a local organization that is expanding or otherwise enhancing its information systems. To allow your group to practice the various observation methods described in this chapter, assign either of these two methods to each team member; (1) developing the analyst’s play script, or (2) using STROBE. Many of these strategies can be employed during one-on-one interviews, whereas some require formal organizational meetings. Try to accomplish several objectives during your visit to the organization by scheduling it at appropriate time, one that permits all team members to try their assigned methods of observation. Using multiple methods such as interviewing and observation (often simultaneously) is the only cost-effective way to get a true, timely picture of the organizations information requirements.

The members of your group should meet and discuss their findings after completing Project 2. Were there any surprises? Did the information garnered through observation confirm, reverse, or negate what was learned in interviews? Were any of the findings from the observational methods in direct conflict with each other? Work with your group to develop a list of ways to address any puzzling information (for example, by doing follow-up interviews).

While developing a list of archival data that should be checked when analyzing the information requirements of Maverick we came across several elements that should be looked into. We should first start at the top with management in order to get a clear understanding of the organizations vision and the goals that their trying to achieve. The company has 21,000 square feet of office space, and depending on how it is set up depends on the level of communication and response time within the leaders in the organization.

Next we have decided to take a sample in order to get a clearer picture of the organization. With that being said we didn’t want to just sample the top management of the company because that would have given us a bias view within the company. We wanted our sample to contain information through the eyes of what you might call the little people. We wanted to get information from ones who actually get the job done from the warehouse workers, picker/packer, and dispatchers to the truck drivers.

We also wanted to take it a step further and gather a sampling from one of the company’s largest customer to see whether they are completely satisfied with the service the organization is providing to them. Lastly we have decided to obtain some of the documents that are used in running the organization. Those documents are often paper reports regarding the status of inventory, sales, or production.

In devising this sampling scheme...
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