Microsoft Word for Beginners

Topics: Ada Lovelace, Computer, Charles Babbage Pages: 3 (791 words) Published: May 18, 2013
1.________ is an early aid to counting.
(a) Calculators(b) Organisers (c) Fingers (d) Computers 2.The Abacus is a ______ device
(a) Modern (b) Mechanical(c) Electrical (d) Chemical
3.Among the following, who is a French man
(a) John Napier(b) Blaise Pascal(c) Gottfried Leibniz (d) Herman Hollerith 4.Early men started counting by using
(a) Abacus(b) Computers (c) Blocks(d) Fingers
5.Abacus is an instrument known to have been used for counting as far back as
(a) 500 BC(b) AD 2000 (c) 50 BC (d) 100 BC
6.The first calculator came into use in what year?
(a) 1842(b) 1663(c) 1964(d) 1642
7.Who invented Napier bones
(a) Charles Babbage (b) Blaise Pascal (c) John Napier (d) Ada Bryon. 8.The first mathematical calculator was invented by?
(a) Blaise Pascal(b) Charles Babbage (c) J.B. Eckert(d) John Napier. 9.The widely used mechanical device for counting was
(a) Fingers(b) Abacus (c) Napier bones(d) Sticks
10.Who is referred to as the "Father of modern day computing"
(a) Blaise Pascal(b) August Ada Bryon (c) Charles Babbage(d) John Von Neumann 11.What year did Charles Babbage die
(a) 1771(b) 1871(c) 1971(d) 1671
12.Who invented the Analytical machine
(a) Lady Lovelace(b) John Napier(c) Charles Babbage (d) Blaise Pascal 13.Charles Babbage was a professor of _______
(a) Chemistry (b) History(c) English(d) Mathematics 14."KALYX" also means
(a) Pebbles (b) Abacus (c) Toes (d) Fingers 15.Early counting devices include the following
(a) Pebbles and Cowries(b) Stones and Sticks (c) Abacus and Slide rule(d) Fingers and Toes 16.IBM means (a) International Business Machines(b) Internal Basic Memory(c) Information Basic Machine(d) International Busy Market 17.Computer is made up of ________ generations

(a) 3 (b) 5(c) 7 (d) 6
18.The first generation computers made use of _______...
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