Microsoft Word and Direct Text Citations

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HUI assignment #2

Write one paragraph for each of the following three topics. The entire assignment consists of three paragraphs and should fit in less than one page

1. Why is Capaneus (Inferno 14) so important in understanding the psychology of the sinners in hell?

2. Identify the political and religious issues Dante faces in Inferno 19.

3. Define the allegorical representation of Lucifer (inferno 34)

Submit no later than Friday, October 17, 12-noon

Make sure you do not go off topic. Be direct and concise, and follow the directions below.

Directions for assignments and exams.

Assignments consist of three topics, each topic to be developed in a concise paragraph.

When you write your assignments and exams, make sure that what you write is based exclusively on the material covered in class, and make specific references (direct text citations for the exams) to the readings covered in class.

Do not write information that is not relevant to the topics. Be direct and concise. Before you submit your assignments get rid of anything that does not belong to the topic. Understand the topics before you write, and check it after to make sure you do not go off topic. If you notice that you are writing a summary of a plot, you are off topic.

If you receive a low grade for your assignments or exams, you were too vague, or failed to limit your answer to the given topics. Do not repeat the same mistake in future assignments and exams.

The course grade is based on the two assignments (13% each) and the two exams (36% each)

Exams and assignments must be submitted through Safe Assign

Other Information:

Assignments and exams must be completed and submitted by the due date

Write your assignment in a word processor using any of the Word formats (.doc, .docx). If you do not have Word, convert your document to .rtf format. Your submission must be typed double spaced, font: size 11 or 12. (Do not send documents with the .dat...
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