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Question: Evaluate this statement “In many aspects, the service sector exhibits marked different from manufacturing although this distinctions maybe blurred.”

The service sector plays a pivotal role in most economies; in developed countries it accounts for almost 70% of their gross domestic products for example Singapore. Although service sector plays a critical role other industries also contribute to the gross domestic product which includes manufacturing and mining. Services are deeds, processes and performances. They are manly characterised of being intangible, perishable, heterogeneous, simultaneous production and consumption and lack of ownership. Manufacturing is the process of converting, components, or parts into finished goods that meet customer specifications. Service industry has vast differences between the manufacturing industries. However on the other side they share many characteristics and they can both work together. Manufactures require their own services operations so as to create a profitable business. Intangible

Services are intangible as they are actions and performances which cannot be seen, felt, tasted or touched unlike objects. Services are intangible because they cannot be manufactured like products. For example in the bank the actions performed by the bank tailor cannot be seen or touched and one will receive his or her cash. In the manufacturing industry the products can be felt, tasted or touched. For examples the Lobels bread can be tasted or touched. However, on the other hand services can be intangible for example when one is given an atm card so as to do transactions with the bank. Services are performance’s frequently produced by humans and no two services can be alike thus they...
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