Microsoft Windows and Early Macintosh Computers

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1 You’re looking at a memory module with a row of chips on one side. You count 30 pins along its edge connector. What kind of module are you most likely looking at? A 30-pin SIMM. These were used in 386-class and early Macintosh computers. 2 You need to add more memory to your system. You know it has a 133 MHz system bus. How can you determine what type of memory to install?

Consulting your owner’s manual is the best way to determine the supported memory types. 3 What types of memory packages do Pentium and Athlon-class desktop computers commonly use?
168-pin or 184-pin DIMMs. The newest computers use 240-pin DIMMs. 4 You receive a Windows General Protection Fault message. What does this indicate? Typically, this error is the result of a poorly written Windows 9x program that attempts to access another program’s memory space. Occasionally, this error indicates a problem with RAM. 5 When you’re speaking of RAM, what is a bank?

A group of one or more memory slots. You must fill an entire bank when installing RAM. 6 Always handle memory modules by:
Their edges, taking care not to touch the pins, components, or traces. 7 In a Rambus system, what must you do to meet banking requirements? You must fill all empty slots with continuity modules.

8 What’s the first step in installing memory in a computer? Shut down the computer. If it’s already shut down, then the first step is to unplug it from the electrical outlet.
9 Where should you store unused memory modules?
In the original packaging or in static-safe bags.
10 A computer randomly freezes up. Could this be an indication of bad memory? Yes, random lockups can indicate bad memory. Operating system or other commands could be written to the bad memory and become corrupted.


1 Name the typical connectors on a sound card.
Typically, sound cards provide speaker-out, line-out, microphone-in, line-in, and MIDI/game port connectors.
2 What’s the best...
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