Microsoft Trend Essay

Topics: Usage share of web browsers, Mozilla Firefox, Web browser Pages: 2 (326 words) Published: April 20, 2015
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Marko Milosevic
MGMT 300-03
Professor Kaplan
23 September 2014
Microsoft Trends

Microsoft is of course, a very successful company who’s been around for a very long time. However, as with any business, Microsoft has made its share of mistakes and has had its issues as well. One mistake that Microsoft most certainly made was that it did not go mobile. The mobile industry is a massive one and many of Microsoft’s competitors are leaders in it. Companies such as Samsung and Apple are dominant in the mobile industry and their companies have grown dramatically because of the cell phone products they offer. Microsoft would have surely benefited greatly if they had produced mobile products to compete in the industry.

Another issue Microsoft is coming across has to do with their popular browser that every individual has used some point in their lives. This browser is Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. According to Standard & Poor’s¸ in 2007 Internet Explorer had 79% of the browser market, followed by Mozilla Firefox and Apple’s Safari. Once Google’s browser, Chrome, entered the browser market in 2012, Internet Explorer’s market share dropped to 53.9% and has been dropping ever since. Microsoft’s browser is becoming less popular and there are many reasons

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why. A big reason would be that Android phones come pre-installed with Google Chrome and Apple Phones come pre-installed with Safari. No phones in the market use Internet Explorer, thus making it less popular.

Another trend issue Microsoft has had deals with software. In 2010, Microsoft and its Windows products had the majority of market share in software, with around 18.49%. Then open-source software entered the market and started to gain momentum. Open-source software could also be downloaded for free on the internet which affected Microsoft’s software products tremendously. In fact, Linux systems, the leader in open-source software, is projected to grow 21% through 2015 while...
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