Microsoft Office and Literacy Program

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Learning outcome

Last February 2013 we conducted a project for our Project Management class. It is performed at Dumuclay Elementary School (DES) at Dumuclay, Batangas. We think for the name of our organization and we agreed to call it CYBER (Conquering the Youth to Become Electronically literate Rangers). Before the literacy program we do conducted a meeting for his/her obligations to the literacy program. They put me as a member of documentation group and they asked me to use my laptop for the presentation of our reporter.

Before the day of the literacy program comes I was very excited because it’s my first time to be a part of program like that. I sleep early so that I wake up early for that first day. I don’t want to be late because of my laptop to be used for the presentation. We went to Dumuclay Elementary School (DES) at 8:00 in the morning. When we are there I initiate to help for the preparation of the first speaker. While the presentation is being held I take a shot for the picture in our documentation. The speakers are also good for me even though they felt nervous while presenting their topic. The first day of our program end and the result is good. And I said first day accomplish. On the second week comes I’m not like that excited. Like the first week I help to prepare the things to use for the presentation. After that while the speakers are presenting I felt hungry so that to remove that feelings, I ask to the leader of the food committee if I can eat food they bring. After eating while listening to the speaker I felt asleep. I sleep under a mango tree. In lunch time while eating we are exchanging jokes, sabi ko “walang lasa ang pagkain,” but for me it’s only a joke. The one who bring who bring the food take it seriously and felt angry my classmate said. And that day also end good because the students are willing to learn about computers. For the third week I want to do something because my classmate told that I’m just sleeping while they are...
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