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MS Office is an application made up of some collection of software applications which help user to perform various tasks with little effort in offices now a days. With MS office in our pc we can do many things like creating text documents, spreadsheets, flow charts ,presentations ,pie charts, notes, business cards, greeting cards, calendars , brochures, flyers, postcards ,website templates and many more things. MS office has become a must have requirement for offices, I wonder what it would’ve been like before MS office was made.

MS office has given us a proper platform for viewing and creating files which are related to office work and documents which are important in offices on daily basis, it has also allowed us to do proper presentations by creating slides and present our work in front of multinational companies in a way that they can't deny our deal, MS office was made by keeping in mind that it should be easy to use and require less amount of computer memory and then after releasing it they kept on increasing the performance of this software by adding more and more features and they plan to add more and make this suite more and more easy to use.

in simple words, MS office is being used everywhere official or unofficial.

MS office was launched on 1 August 1989 by Microsoft corp. The very first version of Ms Office was made up of Ms Word, Ms PowerPoint and Ms Excel and till now 16 versions of MS office have been released for windows and 12 for MAC. The different components of MS Office do different jobs in a particular way, like for word processing there is MS word, for creating slides and giving presentations there is MS PowerPoint ,for creating spreadsheets flowcharts pie charts and graphs there is MS Excel, for creating brochures, business cards, calendars, flyers etc for a particular company or business corporations there is MS publisher, With each version they release these components...
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